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What do the stuffed cushions bear?

All models use polyurethane foam, density 30 kg / m3, combined with a 2 cm layer of visco-elastic foam on both sides of the seat. The Craft model also carries a coating of polyester fiber to form edging sewn by hand. Backups are also made with foam density 30 kg / m3.

Can they be used for sleeping?

Of course, several customers use them as spare bed already, the foam we use is the same that is used for firm mattresses. The buttons are not noticed when you sleep. And making a king size bed in the living room on weekends, is priceless.

Is the Craft model fabric-removable?

No, the Craft model is hand-sewn on the outside, to form the rim and also put the buttons with a thread running through the pad, this prevents you removing the case without having to re-upholster.

Are Border and Simple models removable?

Yes, you can unsheathe and wash the cover.

What kind of fabrics are the most suitable for cushion sofas?

We always recommend upholstery fabrics with a Martindale (test of resistance to friction) less than 20,000 cycles.

I would like to see the fabric before ordering. Do you send samples?

Yes, if you want to see the fabric, we send you all the samples without cost.

I don’t know what fabrics and colors to choose for my room. Would you help me?

Of course, we advise you and give you our opinion, if you send us a photo, much better.

I bought a fabric that I love. Could you make the cushions with it?

Of course, we make it with your fabric, no problems, and you also get a discount.

I have a corner with an irregular shape. Can you do it anyway?

Yes, you have to send us a drawing with measurements, precise angles and template if necessary; we make it according to the drawing.

Can I put the cushions directly on the parquet?

Yes, but they may move and skate a little, the ideal thing is to put a carpet under them.

Are the backs somehow hooked to the seat?

No, the pieces are independent; to secure the backs you have to place the support they have designed and so do not need support on the wall.

How much time it takes you in giving a budget?

Normally we respond the same day, if not, the next day sure you have it.

How is the purchase process?

For now, until we finish making the online shop, we have to talk on the phone or via email.

If you already have clear measures and the number of pieces you need (seats, backrests, backrests supports), tell us so we can send the budget.

If you are not sure, tell us what space do you have for your sofa, and we’ll recommend you the composition and measurement modules that can be nice in your space.

Once the couch is composed, we can give you a budget defined with basic fabrics from our suppliers.

There are many fabrics and very different prices; the chances of fabrics that you can choose will depend on the budget you can afford on your couch.

Once we choose the fabrics, we inform you of the final price. If you agree with the price you pay us a deposit of the 50% and voila, your L&C couch is running.

Do you have any shop where I can go and try the couch?

You can come and try it in our workshop in Albelda de Iregua, La Rioja (Spain), as many customers do, and also you may as well visit these so pretty lands.

If you do not have time to come, check with us the price to take a sample of the sofa to your home or premise, along with a selection of samples of fabric (Spain only).

Most of our customers have bought their couch or cushions without leaving their home, hoping that the result would be satisfactory, and have always met or exceeded expectations. We hope someday to have stores all over the world; it is our dream / goal.

If you have any further questions, write to or in the form below; or call us at +0034650104101.

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